Saturday, November 25, 2017

New York: Grand Central Terminal Great Northern Food Hall: Flatbreads; The smorrebrod stand (Danish open faced sandwiches); Designer Dogs

Grand Central Terminal Great Northern Food Hall

A team led by Danish food entrepreneur Claus Meyer opened The Great Northern Food Hall in Grand Central Terminal. This food hall brings culinary concepts, flavors and ideas – rooted in the history and the landscapes of the Nordic countries. Claus is the founder of Meyers Bageri, which launched many influential restaurants and other food projects in Denmark. He is also co-founder of Noma, a Copenhagen restaurant that has four times been rated the best in the world. Claus helped initiate the New Nordic Cuisine food movement.

Below is some of the food from the various food stations in the food hall.

Celeriac sandwich with pickles, salt baked celeriac, capers, hazelnuts, green apple, mustard vinaigrette, tarragon and hazelnut mayo. Some sandwich! On very good bread.


Pizza with pumpkin, onions, lemon zest and pickled shallots.

Pizza with red onions, white onions, shallots, chives and goat cheese.

Potato flatbread with yukon gold potatoes, caraway seeds, pickled red onions and herb salad. 

Pizza with brussel sprouts, smoked bacon, red onion and black pepper

The smorrebrod stand (Danish open faced sandwiches)

The smørrebrød is made with with rugbrød, special Danish rye bread. Dark, nutty, and full of earthy flavors, it is baked fresh every day, locally, at Meyer’s Bageri with 100% whole grain rye flour, rye sourdough and lots of grains.

Beef tongue with celery apple, horse radish and crispy onions on traditional dark Danish rye.

Pork terrine with mustard greens, pickled onion and crispy rye on traditional dark Danish rye bread.

Beef tartar with pickled pearl onions, olive mayo and rye chips, on traditional Danish dark rye bread. 

Smoked salmon with shaved cucumber and dill all on smoked cream cheese and the Danish rye bread. 

Chicken salad with raw apple, celery and watercress. 

My order part 1: smoked salmon and roast beef with remoulade, horseradish and crispy onions.

The rest of my order part 2: chicken salad on the right and pork with dill and apple on left.

Designer Dogs

The presentation. 

From left, the GREAT DANE: Danish dog with spiced ketchup, remoulade, mustard, white onion, pickled cucumber and crispy shallots. ON RIGHT: KVIK: pork sausage, pickled turnips, mustard mayo, whoye onion, puffed pork skin and cress.

On RIGHT: HEN HOUND: chicken sausage with tarragon mayo, apple-horseradish, ketchup, green tomato relish, white cabbage and cress. On LEFT: GRAVHUND: beef sausage, red cabbage, beet remoulade, lingonberry preserve, crispy shallots and pickled onion.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Madame Boef. Toronto

Madame Boef is another oevre by Anthony Rose, one of the great Comfort food chefs.

Very good french fries: tasty and crispy. 

The hamburger. Quite good.

Grilled eggplant. This was a very tasty sandwich but, the ingredients were not stable when bitten. Might have been better with thinner slices. 

The Cheeseburger.

Ezell's sweet summer slaw was tasty.

Game Dinner at Edulis

Edulis (hosted by 2 people who are among the very best Canadian chefs) was chosen to work with the game for this very special dinner.

Chef Michael Caballo hand slicing the exceptional Joselito Gran Reserva Belotta ham. This is the very best pate negra, acorn fed ham. The fat is ochre tinted and nutty in flavour. The best of the best!

"Morteruelo Conquense": Traditional course game pate of wild hare and pheasant, accompanied by toasts.

Wild pheasant leg in escabeche (vinegar based sauce) with frisee, hazelnuts and leeks.

"Croque chasseur": stuffed neck of wild Canadian goose on brioche, topped with Alba white truffles.

"Forest royalty": Roasted woodcock with porcini mushrooms.

Broth of wild venison with preserved black winter truffles and new crop Canadian walnut.

The duck carcass has been placed in the duck press to squeeze out the marrow from the bones and all of the juices and blood of the duck. These juices will be pored into an adjacent pan and heated with brandy and some stock. 

The brandy is flambeed.

Wild duck in 2 courses: leg in gazpacho manchego and breast in blood sauce with chestnuts, chanterelles and quince, all prepared table side.

Fall grape sorbet.

Selection of cheeses by chef Tobey Nemeth, who has a great cheese palate..

The house made and my world gold standard (even Alain Ducasse Paris example was no where near as goodfor baba au rhum cake. Got into it before I even took a photo!! YES, that good!!

Prunes in armagnac with creme fraiche.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Brunch at Buca Yorkville

Brunch at Buca Yorkville is one of the most enjoyable "brunches" in the country for any food LOVER! the new chef de cuisine Kris Lee has admirably taken over the day to day reins from chef Rob Gentile, who overseas King Street Foods restos.

Fresh branzino, brought to the table to be skinned, filleted and thinly sliced.

The branzino: Cyprian sea bass finished with olive oil, lemon and a touch of prosecco.

Fungi pizza with a "well done crust", but mine had a special touch of freshy shaved alba truffles added at the last minute to the seasonal mushroom pizza topped with marjoram and a very small amount of gorgonzola cheese.

Strapazzate: pulled mix variety farm eggs with stracciatella cheese, black Umbrian truffles and ciabatta.

A personal special request: Buca's exceptionally fresh and succulent clams with a white wine, clam juice, olive oil sauce. 

A dish prepared specially for me by chef Lee: spaghettini with a sea urchin pepper sauce topped with sea urchin. The most enjoyable pasta/sea urchin dish that I have enjoyed anywhere, PERIOD! 

Bucatini alla carbonara: freshly extruded pasta with guanciale, pecorino romano, hen's egg yolk and black pepper.

A smashing meal!!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Another Edulis Sunday Lunch

A leisurely long afternoon Sunday lunch (NOT BRUNCH!!) at Edulis is one of my favourite things to look forward to in sharing a wonderful afternoon of very good food, wine and conversation.

Jamon Joselito, the very best aged (4 years) ham from free ranging pigs that feed on grass and acorns.

Hapuka grouper "sashimi" with Japanese cucumber and fresh jalapeno peppers.

Various heirloom tomatoes, golden nuggets and pictachios. 

Baby romaines dressed with a warm anchovy vinaigrette.

Stewed summer squash and its blossoms. 

Mature lobster, poached in an oil made from the heads of the lobster, seasoned with its own roe and a little tomato, resting in a cider vinegar mayonnaise. Remarkably tasty and perfectly cooked.

Baby leeks, marcona almonds and ajo blanco (a soup of crushed almonds, bread, garlic, water and olive oil).

Hinona turnips grilled over charcoal.

 Smoked short fin eel with corn-miso sauce.

Torpedo onion gratinee. 

 Lake trout with new potato and lettuce.

Spanish style rice with goat sausage, alioli and summer beans.

Chiffon cake with fresh peaches and pecans.